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3033360-inline-itunes-121We’ve seen a lot of next generation iPhone part leaks so far, but the latest has given us photos of the purported logic board to add to our collection. And unlike previous leaks, which haven’t really given us all that much information we didn’t already know, photos of the new logic board come with the claim the next iPhone will support NFC and 802.11ac Wi-Fi. In other new iPhone news, Apple has begun production of the 4.7-inch model, with all other next-generation iOS devices, including the next iPad Air, Mini, and even the 5.5-inch iPhone, have been pushed to September timeframes.

Now that people have gotten the chance to install the OS X Yosemite public beta, traffic has doubled, accounting for half a percent of all OS X traffic globally. MacRumors has posted up a few of their Yosemite first impressions, while Macworld gives us the over and under of how to downgrade to Mavericks. And over at OS X Daily, we get a guide on creating a bootable Yosemite installer that might be worth bookmarking, since the instructions likely won’t change with the official release later this year.

Apple’s financials indicate a massive investment in research and development, and according to one analyst, that’s enough to signal an explosion in revenue for the next quarter, as well as new product categories. The graph put together by Business Insider says it all: every time Apple invest big in R&D, the next quarter’s revenue is equally as huge.

One of the 29 companies acquired by Apple since October last year was BookLamp, a company that’s been described as some as the “Pandora for books”. TechCrunch speculates it was in order to do battle with Amazon in the ebook space, in a deal worth between $10 and $15 million.

Apple is moving away from iPhoto as its consumer app for photo management, and starting with iOS 8, they’re encouraging users to move their photos into Photos. It means users will lose out on a number of iPhoto-specific features such as Journals, Slideshows, and Book Layouts, at least for now, with the iPhoto for iOS app being left out in the cold on iOS 8.

Bose has sued Beats for infringing on their noise-cancelling technology, and it seems the only reason this was making news in the Apple blogosphere was because Apple is currently in the process of acquiring Beats. Otherwise, this is more or less your stock-standard litigation lawsuit.

If you’ve ever wondered what the market for secondhand Apple devices is like, eBay has put a figure on it. They say nearly $2 billion of Apple products were sold on the site in the previous year, with iPhones easily taking out the top spot, with Macs and iPads tied for second place. Computerworld the full numbers.

IMore has the ultimate guide on how to do anything with the Camera app on iOS, giving you all sorts of tips and tricks.

News out of San Diego’s Comic Con says that the original cast of Firefly will be reprising their roles in the upcoming game. Firefly Online is a strategic RPG title currently in development with no official timeframe for release, but it’ll be out on multiple platforms when it does.

ITunes 12 in Yosemite has been billed as “a mess” by Fast Co Design, but the worst thing is, Apple doesn’t even think it’s worthy of a redesign, at least not so close to the great iTunes 11 redesign we saw not too long ago. Minor tweaks mean Apple’s all-in-one app for doing anything with media or iOS devices stays mostly the same, for now.

To give you an idea of how big Apple is, Slate came up with a great story. If Apple products were their own companies, the iPhone would be bigger than Amazon. Or McDonalds and Coca-Cola, combined.

Breaking into your neighbour’s house? There’s an app for that, and the tale of that particular story is over at Wired, where apps and ubiquitous 3D printing mean you can copy a key in seconds.

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