Monday Morning News

BsT-VHXCUAAPo8sThe first piece of news we’ve heard about Apple’s next-generation SoC says it’ll be a dual-core chip running at 2GHz. It’s a contrast to competing processors, which are mostly quad-core affairs, but as MacRumors notes, Apple’s solution is custom-tailored for their software and perhaps doesn’t need the extra cores for performance. I can’t wait until some tech blog decides the next iPhone fails because it has a dual-core processor instead of a quad-core one.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is back with predictions regarding Apple’s upcoming wearable, and what he’s saying reflects recent rumours. Kuo states the iWatch will enter production in November, with a flexible AMOLED display, sapphire coated display cover, higher waterproof standards, and new SoC components rounding out his analysis for today.

Apple has launched a new Swift blog, pointing to the importance of their new programming language. Articles on the blog will be authored by Apple engineers, giving us a rare (if slightly technical) look into some of the thinking behind various design decisions. As part of the new blog, Apple are also offering free downloads of Xcode 6 to anyone who wishes to register for it, as pointed out by Ars Technica.

I’ve heard the iPhone’s ability to track location being called many things, but this is the first time I’ve heard it called a “national security concern“. But that’s exactly what Chinese media has labelled the feature, and Apple’s official response to the matter is spot on, as per usual.

A few of us noticed a developer preview of Safari 7.1 in the Updates tab of the Mac App Store over the weekend, and it seems it was mistakenly pushed to the Mac App Store when it shouldn’t have been. Apple has released new beta builds of Safari introducing new WebKit features, but they’re available via Apple’s developer portal.

Apple are seeking FCC certification for their own iBeacon hardware. Model number A1573 was spotted out by Securifi, which seems to be a USB-powered unit about 14cm in diameter. It’s unknown whether Apple will be making this hardware available to the public, although if I had to put money on it I’d say Apple are planning their own iBeacon hardware for them to use in Retail Stores.

A post on Reddit indicates Apple are proactively going about updating location data. One Redditor states he got a call from the Apple Maps team when his business address was reported as incorrect. It’s widely known Apple’s Maps previously used data from Yelp, although there doesn’t appear to be any syncing between the two.

Curiously, Apple has cut song previews for some songs down to 30 seconds. After extending song previews to 90 seconds a few years back, it’s unknown why Apple has made the move, but an update to the article on MacRumors says Apple has restored 90 second previews for most of the tracks, suggesting it was just an temporary glitch after all.

TUAW has today’s Mac app, where they say iTranslate has made the jump to the desktop. The popular translation tool currently has an introductory price of $6.49 on the Australian Mac App Store. Meanwhile, on iOS, Beautiful Pixels says you can manage your screenshots with ease with an app called Screenshotter. It can filter through your Camera Roll to just select screenshots. Free, in the App Store.

Just when you thought Finder replacements were all but dead now that Finder has tabs, Dr Drang’s semi-review of Path Finder says Path Finder is still a viable option for power users. That said, it’s not perfect — but then again, neither is the Finder.

One day OS X will be smart enough to know when I’m tethering (even though the menu bar apparently knows about it) and cut down on my internet usage, but until then apps like Little Snitch can come to the rescue and lower my data bill.

Finally this morning is why everything is bad for Apple. But hold on a second — it’s actually the Apple Clickbait Generator from Kirk Lennon, which gives you new clickbait articles with every refresh. It’s great!

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