Good Reads for June, 2014

Shrine Of Apple: Apple Pro Mouse

Let’s face it: there’s so much stuff on the web that you’ll never be able to read it all. Trust me, I’ve tried. Every month we’ll be bringing you no more than a handful of slightly longer — but always worthy of your time and attention — reads about the wonderful world of Apple. Instapaper account not included.

  • Of all the great things about the iOS ecosystem, App Store discoverability isn’t one of them. The problem is, there’s just too many apps — over 1.2 million, at last count — for anyone to discover something new and fresh that you probably haven’t already used or played. Andy Baio argues it’s time to get social with the App Store, something Game Center is currently failing to do:
  • 300 million people visit the App Store every week, but they all see the same handful of apps—a selection hand-picked by Apple staff, along with a stagnant list of bestsellers. Apple’s sole attempt at personalized recommendations—the painfully inadequate “Genius,” which recommended clones of apps you already installed—was phased out last year for the even-worse “Near Me,” showing the same location-centric apps to everyone in your city.

  • Dave Smith has been working with Android for the past five years, so he knows Intents inside-out. In a slightly more technical look, he compares Extensions in iOS 8 with Android’s Intents to see how they stack up:

    Intents and extensions aren’t the same, though they are very similar in many ways. Extensions are less flexible (surprise!), but I don’t really care; maybe you shouldn’t either. Overall, they are a great first step for Apple.

  • John Gruber penned an article regarding Apple’s operational prowess earlier this month, and while Apple CEO Tim Cook is the man responsible for Apple’s ability to work on more than one thing at a time, the numbers aren’t giving him the credit he deserves:

    But, skeptics will say, operations have always been Cook’s strength. Meanwhile, reality can’t be ignored: Apple’s growth is slowing significantly by every metric.

  • I’ve long been a vocal fan of the 12-inch PowerBook G4 as my favourite Mac ever. Curiously, Ben Brooks also has it on his shortlist of his favourite devices, but the device he considers to be his absolute favourite of all time?

    It’s got LTE, 64GB of storage, it’s break-your-mind-thin, retina, white. When I pick it up, when I hold in my hands, I dare not stop to think about the device because doing so makes me smile like a kid who just snuck extra dessert. I grin not because I love this thing, I grin because this thing is not only what I wanted when I was a kid, but it actually goes beyond what I imagined possible when I was a kid.

  • Speaking of favourite devices, there are few as unique as the Apple Pro Mouse. Minimally Minimal’s look at the Apple Pro Mouse makes for interesting reading, given its colourful history:

    But Jobs was instead drawn to a seventh design, an unfinished model with the buttons yet to be built in. Jobs thought the buttonless design was brilliant, and the design team played along, pretending that it was their intention from the beginning. This unfinished design became the foundation of future Apple Mice.

Today’s header image of the Apple Pro Mouse from Shrine of Apple.

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