December 2016

Monday Morning News

2016-macbook-pro-glitchingApple’s submission to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the US provides clues about what they’re working on. The letter dated November 22 says that Apple uses machine learning and automation to improve its products and services, and thinks that new entrants to the vehicle market should have the same opportunities as established manufacturers do when it comes to testing on public roads.

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Friday Evening News

ibook_flavors_700w-100696542-largeBloomberg is reporting that Apple wants to fly drones to improve mapping data. The idea is the drones can capture information and relay that back to Apple quicker than a fleet of sensor-laden minivans, which have to drive around physical streets before collecting enough information to be viable. Bloomberg also claims Apple is working on new mapping features in order to catch up to Google, including the mapping of indoor locations and improvements to in-car navigation.

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Thursday Morning News

every_purchase_top_large_2xIt’s the tenth anniversary of when Apple started supporting the (RED) campaign in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The proceeds of (RED)-branded Apple products and accessories has generated more than $120 million for the Global Fund, making Apple the largest corporate contributor to date. In an interview with BuzzFeed, Apple CEO Tim Cook says that corporations have values, and one of the Apple values is that being part of a great company is leaving the world better than you found it.

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