December 2015

Good Reads for November, 2015

Every month, we’ll be bringing you a handful of carefully-curated — if slightly late, and somewhat longer — reads about the wonderful world of Apple. Whether it’s about how Apple is changing the face of design, or how the largest iPad yet has the potential to make a big difference in the classroom, each’s months reads will bring something unique to the table that wasn’t necessarily covered in the preceding months’ news. Bring your own Instapaper account, because this is Good Reads.

  • November 2015 saw the launch of Apple’s biggest iPad yet, in the form of the iPad Pro. Much has already been written about the larger-screened iPad Pro’s potential to replace your laptop, and there’s a good chance there’s plenty more that has yet to be written. Ben Brooks’ take on the idea of using your iPad Pro as a laptop replacement isn’t about whether you can use the iPad Pro as laptop replacement, and doesn’t discuss how the various usage scenarios fit into the iPad Pro workflow, but instead chooses to discuss how the iPad Pro has been as a laptop replacement for him.

Make fun of iOS for how locked down it is all you want, but at least I don’t have to worry about breaking it because I wanted to install a new free text editor, or I wanted to try and print from it.3 iOS is not only a stable computing platform, it is hard to break. In fact, I have yet to have a family member hand me an iPhone where it had such software issues that I could not fix it with a simple device restart, or removing an app sucking down the battery.

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Friday Morning News

swift-hero_2xApple previously promised that the Objective-C based programming language Swift would be going open-source by the end of the year, and by 27 days, they have fulfilled that promise. Apple has posted the source code to Swift on GitHub, with Ars Technica reporting ports available for Apple and Linux-based systems for those looking to do a little swift tinkering, if you catch what I’m throwing.

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Thursday Morning News

15119-11172-hamburg_wad_2015-lApple has turned the Apple Logo red at a number of Apple Stores across the globe, marking World Aids Day on December 1. The company also announced that proceeds from the sales of (Product)RED, uh, products, had reached over $100 million.

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Wednesday Morning News

image_break_02_largeIn wake of Apple’s rumoured decision to can the 3.5mm headphone jack, a new report claims Apple is testing multiple models of the next iPhone. No fewer than five different models of the next-generation iPhone are currently being tested, according to G For Games, all with distinct differences such as a USB-C port instead of Lightning, wireless charging technology, multi-technology Force Touch, dual cameras, as well as in-display fingerprint recognition. All in all, this is probably just a case of Apple testing to see what works in the real world rather than any solid indication of what we’ll be seeing in the next iPhone.

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