March 2015

Wednesday Morning News

12188-5815-IMG_0969-lThe Wall Street Journal is reporting Apple is planning a 25-channel TV service that will include ABC, CBS, and Fox, with other channels like ESPN and FX tacked on. If you’re disappointed by the US-centricness of the news, you’re not alone — thanks to content deals between Apple and the various media companies, there’s a good chance this will turn out to be US-only for a good period of time, much like Apple’s exclusive partnership with HBO when it announced HBO Now on the Apple TV just last week.

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Tuesday Morning News

macbook-usbcHello, friends. I’m not even sure where to start with the news, so bear with me while I get my RSS feeds into order over the next couple of days or so. But enough about that, how about some news?

Apple CEO Tim Cook talked to Mad Money anchor Jim Cramer. In case none of those names (besides Tim’s, obviously) jump out at you, you might recognise Mad Money as the short from the first Iron Man, where Jim tells Stark Industries shareholders to sell their stocks after Tony Stark announces his weapons company will no longer sell weapons. Back in real life, Tim and Jim talked about the latest from Cupertino, including ResearchKit, Apple Pay, and Apple Watch. IMore has the full transcript, or there’s a video you can check out.

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Apple Event Roundup

Lots to unpack from today’s Apple event in San Francisco. The highlights:

  • Apple Watch preorders start April 10th for a April 24th launch, and Australia is included.
  • The 12″ fanless MacBook is real, and it’s spectacular.
  • HBO Now launches in April and is exclusive to AppleTV.

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Friday Morning News


Microsoft have released a preview of Office 2016 for Mac. Early word is that this is a big update that brings the Mac version close to feature parity with the Windows version. If you’ve had a chance to dig in and play around, let us know in the forums.

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Tuesday Afternoon News

B_HaqnqU0AAy2oq.png large

We have a launch date for Netflix in Australia – three weeks from today. In details announced today, there will be multiple plans (tiering by quality and number of concurrent streams) and unmetered usage for iiNet and Optus customers. It’ll be available on Apple TV as well as a plethora of other platforms.

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Monday Morning News


Thanks for dropping by – I’ll be filling in for Benny while he’s on a well-deserved break. On to the news…

The major Apple news over the weekend was Brian Chen’s article in  the New York Times, detailing some inside info from the development of the Apple Watch. The project, code-named Gizmo, was delayed a bit due to key staff jumping ship for Nest, and there is also an unannounced Power Reserve feature that will still provide the time when the battery is almost exhausted.

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